Weston CI Swim Team

Action Hours: 34

Participating in the Weston Swim Team required me to participate in practices and drills at Weston on Mondays and Wednesdays throughout the season, as well as meets and competitions against other schools. I was a team member, and I swam all strokes, but specifically back crawl and butterfly. My own goals were to Improve swimming technique and reduce race time in at least one event to OFSAA Qualification Times. My Learning outcomes were Undertaking new challenges and Show perseverance and commitment.

To do this, I planned to focus on working in the pool and improving myself from there, taking isolated and focused actions on each aspect of the stroke to improve the stroke as a whole. In doing this, I found that I improve my stroke somewhat, but it was my physical inabilities that were really holding me back. If I could start again today, I would focus on dry land training, and building up more muscle so that my stroke and times would both be improved. It was the simplest solution in hindsight, but at the time I was so concerned with improving my swimming that I didn’t think of the peripheral aspects that would help it in less obvious ways.

In the end, I did not make OFSAA Qualification times, as this year I was accidentally disqualified from my events. Last year, however, I did make it to the city finals, and placed 4th in my 100m Back Crawl there. However to me, the most rewarding parts were not my successes in the competitions, but rather the chance to help my team mates in their goals to improve. Being fairly proficient in all strokes, I was in a position to help some people with their swimming, and notice errors they were making that are difficult to notice from inside the pool. In return, the help I received for my Breaststroke proved indispensable in the meets.

Swim team helped me realize how personally I take failure and work to overcome that, losing a race was not, to me, simply an isolated incident, but a judgement on my work ethic, and my ability. However, by the nature of attending meets and constantly being put into competition, I sort of underwent a kind of immersion therapy, which allowed me to become used to the idea, and learn to overcome it. As a result I am more motivated in other endeavours by my own desire to do well, rather than a fear of failure, and that will serve me well in all my future undertakings.

Supervisor Review:

Coach Megan Ransom416-394-3250 x20095 megan.ransom@tdsb.on.ca



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