Weston CI Queer-Straight Alliance

Service Hours: 25

For the Weston CI Queer Straight alliance, I plan to participate in any and all initiatives to promote a safe and welcoming environment within the school for the LGBTQIA+ community. We meet Tuesdays at lunch in the Positive Spaces Room in the Library. I will be involved as a member, and my goal is to try and put on a Film Festival of LGBT Movies for the school. I want to be involved because many of my friends identify within this community, and I see their struggle for representation and respect, and I wanted to do something to help. My intended learning outcomes are Increased awareness of your strengths and areas for growth, Engaged with issues of global importance, and Consider ethical implications.

As mentioned above, I plan to help with any and all initiatives the QSA engages in, and also, I plan to spearhead an attempt to put on a film festival within the school. Each meeting, we would discuss our progress on whatever our current project was, as well as discussing issues around the world affecting the community. These discussions allowed us to educate each other, but also allowed us to communicate and express ourselves, and understand the enormity of the problem we were attempting to face. One of the High points of this experience was when we managed to get one of the protesters who was at the Stonewall Riots come in and speak to students. Another one is the “Love Triumphs over Hate” Assembly we put on last March, in which we brought LGBTQIA+ musicians, poets, and professionals together, and they spoke to us and the student body about their experiences. One of the low points was the beginning of grade 12, as we were forced to accept that we had been relying on the graduates of the year before to help us accomplish anything. This lead to a very steep learning curve this year as we struggled to get on our feet and stand on our own.

This was one of the many reasons that my goal was not successful. As we were struggling to maintain our footing, we also came up against more concrete problems within the production of this event. As we were screening films for consideration, we discovered that there were very few films available to us that were appropriate to be showing at the school, and even fewer still that were positive representations of LGBTQIA+ individuals and relationships. While we eventually found a smattering that we all agreed would be worthwhile to show to the student body, the time consumed finding them, made it difficult to try and continue with the project, as we were entering into the point in the school year where students have less free time to explore other possibilities, such as a film festivals of films they had never heard of.

Mainly I think that the film festival failed because of the our own lack of communication and unwillingness to go the extra mile. Its difficult to try and discuss these ideas when attendance is haphazard and we were all disorganized. If I had to start again, I would be more methodical in my approach, and set up a schedule for completing goals and tasks required to achieve our end result. I think that is a lesson which can be carried through every undertaking I enter into for the rest of my life.


Supervisor Review:

Staff Advisor Michael Anthony416-394-3250 michael.anthony@tdsb.on.ca



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