Grade 9 Orientation Trip: Camp Tamakwa

Action Hours: 22 hours

Service Hours: 9 hours

I was very excited to be able to finally do for the grade nine’s what our grade 12s did for us our year. However, I was nervous, as this was a large responsibility, and with everything else i was doing, and the change that grade 12 already brings, I didn’t know if I would be able to take on the amount of work an undertaking like this takes, so my rule going in was that I would only take on jobs that 1) I was assigned, or 2) no one volunteered for 5 seconds. As the meetings were going on, I noticed that there were many people were very eager to help, and do things, but few were taking initiative. Everyone wanted to help, but most people were scared to oversee things. It meant though, that leaders had more than enough help for everything they tried to do. For all planning things that had to be done, everyone was far easier to work with that I would have expected. I was feeling very optimistic about how things were going, and was finished everything I was in charge of well in advance of the trip itself.

Going into the trip itself, I was feeling very confident in what would happen, however, very early on I got a better understanding of what this trip entailed, which I don’t think I could have until I got there. The largest part of my job, that I didn’t really appreciate until we there, was the amount of energy and acting required, and how difficult that could be when you aren’t coming by it naturally. In addition, I learned the value of improvisational problem solving. When holes in our planning were revealed, it would be in the middle of that event, so there would not be time to regroup and attempt to come up with a new plan. Solutions had to be effective and quick, and communication was key.

Looking back, I am proud of what we did, and I feel that I learned important lessons which I could use, not only in a similar situation, but in any large group undertaking. It taught me perseverance, when I was tired, and when the pressure was on, there was people were relying on me, and I needed to think quickly and answer questions and provide solutions. I was learning about how important it is to work as part of a team, and accept that you can’t do everything, and trust that other people can do things equally well. I learned that even when everyone is on the same page, and willing and able, it takes a significant amount of starting energy to get the ball rolling, and to keep it going. It taught me not to wait for other people to do things I can do myself.


Supervisor Review:

IB Co-ordinator Anne Dale

Margaret regularly attended and participated in planning meetings, learning the value of communication and teamwork. As an activity leader for drama at the camp, Margaret improved on her presentation skills, developed improvisational problem solving and experience leading a group activity. She was energetic and friendly and supportive to the new grade 9’s, encouraging them to try new things. Margaret gained confidence in realizing what she could do as a leader. She learned how to be flexible and persistent and how to accept help from others when activities didn’t go as planned. Overall, Margaret did an excellent job in the planning and running of this year’s outdoor education trip and learned a lot about herself and working with others in a large group.


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