Canadian Opera Company Youth Opera Labs

Creativity Hours: 18 hours

Service Hours: 18 hours

For this activity, I planned to work with 10 my peers to collaboratively write and stage an operetta in a rehearsal room of the Four Seasons Centre in a mere 6 days in August 2016. This was a highly rewarding, but very intense experience for me. Although I was primarily involved in composing the score, all of us were involved in every aspect of the production, and I was also involved in props and costumes, Performance, and staging. As a performer, I was interested in the chance do something so new for myself, and really push myself in new directions. I am so used to performing the music someone else has written, or taking directions from the crew that it was very novel for me to help create an entire production from the ground up. My personal goal in doing this was to try something completely foreign to me in a field in which I am very comfortable. As such, I was one of the heads for composition, which something I had never done before. I planned to fufill the Learning Outcomes of Undertaking new challenges, Working collaboratively with others, Show perseverance and commitment, and Develop new skills. All of these I feel were successfully completed by the final performance. The composition of new pieces for the operetta was definitely a new skill and very challenging. One example of collaborationg is every day before shutting down, all aspects of production met up and just touched base about where they were and what they needed to get done before opening night. This was how we all got involved with production, as the writers might as for help transitioning from one set piece to the next, and so would ask here for help with that, or production might ask for a few of us to help with creating props the next day, so I would go and help them. In this way, we were all aware and active in every aspect of the shows production. One of the high points was the final performance, which was a real coming-together of everything we had achieved. At the same time, one of the low points of this experience was the difficulties with budgeting time. The day before the final performance, a number of us had to go in early and stay late to complete the costumes in time. However, this was a useful learning experience, and taught me about the importance of commitment. In future endeavours, I think we would need to not only be clear on what needs to be done, but estimate how much time we can allot to each task. That lesson was one which I have carried with me throughout this school year, and led me to be able to have more time to pursue other ventures outside of school than my peers. Going into this venture, I was expecting it to be easier than it was. I was expecting a more social environment, and for most aspects of creation to be far more intuitive than they were. However, I learned that good collaborating partners don’t have to be people you want to be friends with, although the two don’t have to be mutually exclusive. I also learned that value of problem solving, and overcoming the new problems. I feel like I have grown from my experience, am more willing to make mistakes in a field where I am not used to that, and have more experience with the different forms collaboration can take.coc1 (1)coc2 (1)Nothing_Is_Fresher_than_Death_In_A_Cup_-_Full_Score (1)


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